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drugs n alcohol - package includes song, instrumental and lyrics


released March 5, 2014

lyrics by maggot mouf, beat by Sammy scissors, film clip by rob fontayne, cover by alex fuller. BROKEN TOOTH ENTERTAINMENT.



all rights reserved


MAGGOT MOUF Melbourne, Australia

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Both been with me all my life, always been there by my side, when I was a baby I was in a photo with a weed plant there right on my right, 80's. I never said it was alright, just never new the difference alright, smoking a joint with my nan on her death bed I know she's looking down from the sky, proud, weeds not even a drug to me, its more like a lot of fun to me, feels like I’m living in luxury, but I'm living in a penny-less fucking heap, but actually get more high then its up to me, to touch the sky get high as can be but come down then im back up the creek, come downs always the worst for me, touch the ice and its worse can be, pop the pills just to help ya breath, so many people died that I seen, inject the intraveen shits not clean, believe me I seen it it aint a dream I seen feigns hit rock bottom leave from the scene and their off in the breeze,

Go from rap to a hobby to crack as a hobby stop making music now smack is a hobby, that shits stupid spoons for the coffee you shouldn't use it I don't copy, I was twelve when I first tried the yandi, wasn't a thought in my mind it could harm me, I was supplied by the guys all around me first taste came from part of my family.

“yeah I tried some, and it was the best fun I ever had”

but now I know better I know the effects, but I cant stop so im all in a mess, the pills I popped the white I sniffed its all in my sweat, it's still in my system a bit I can feel it, “drugs n alcohol” now when im blazed I cant conceal it get paranoid in the street for no reason and there's no way I can heal it,

“ man this fucking come down man, im shaking its fucking cold but its summer I don't get it”

Over did it, now I cant stop thinking negative shit, crops. Unless I'm legless get a positive shift, I'm left breathless I'm over this shit, what’s left for breakfast not hungry a bit,

“aaah shit. It looks like your a bit under feed and these come downs are really getting to you lately”

starving and skinny no meat on the bone, party's fun but the come downs alone, looking at the roof like your in the zone, zoning out, “aaaah” cant make a call but the phone is out, night before isn't all what its about, all not worth it I scream n shout but I deserve it fuck it I'm out.